Tricia Greenwood released her first album in 2003, “No Fear in Love” she literally came out of her room with a CD and promoted it at a CD release party at BJ’s Restaurant located on Apple Computer property in Cupertino CA on September 11, 2003 for a fund raiser for the Salvation Army and has been writing songs ever since.

In the Spirit of Love (coming 12.12.12 on Dolce Records) it’s clear that this singer/songwriter is a woman on a mission. On both emotional and spiritual levels, this artist shows her talent with live studio takes on many songs expressing her thoughts and feelings ignited by the heat of her soulful voice and the passion of her performance.

The album’s title song and centerpiece “In the Spirit of Love” sums up Tricia’s journey and victory over life events from childhood to the present loss of love and loved ones. Her lyrics poetically express her deepest feelings. “My two edged sword pierced every lie, made shadows disappear.” and “Through the valley of sorrow and pain, my sorrow turned to peace.”

With two cover songs from her favorite artists since she was a teen, her acoustic live versions of “Let it Be” by the Beatles and “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin echoes with honesty and simplicity.

No two ways about it – this heartfelt album work with four of the selections featuring a full rock band completes Tricia’s ascent from the folk circuit to rock, featuring Aaron Madsen who was written up a few times this year in guitar player magazine on lead guitar and additional guitar tracks, along with Loren Rendler on drums, Harold Martin on bass guitar, Erik Johnsgard on keyboards and MaryEllen Duell with her sweet harmony vocals on the song, "I’m Coming Home"

Tricia's music is defined as eclectic rock with heart and passion, she finds her purpose in life to be her music and reaches deep within emotionally and spiritually to write lyrics to move you. You will find yourself drifting into your own feelings and back to her voice.

Tricia performed in Denver, Colorado for ICVM, an International annual film maker’s conference where Los Angeles composer Jonathon Neal, after listening to her play, shook her hand and said, "Tricia, get out there and perform. Bart Gavigan, writer-film-maker-director asked Tricia to perform before his keynote speech giving her the chance to be heard in front of over 200 film industry execs.

Over the years, having performed at various venues throughout the Bay Area. She performed at the Henderson Pavilion in Henderson Nevada  for a benefit concert for an International suicide prevention organization,

Tricia’s first audition and performance in 2001 was for a concert with seasoned professional songwriters taking place after a national songwriting seminar hosted by, Lewis Greer, Ceo and founder of Do Good Tricia and Lewis co-wrote a new song, "You and I" on her new album, "In the Spirit of Love".

Her song "In Heaven 9.11"  to comfort hearts won finalist with Song of The Year and VH1, recorded and produced by James Robinson, Favored Nations acoustic guitarist.

Her next music endeavor is moving her into the blues with Matt Pinson who co-produced her first album, "No Fear in Love", Matt performed lead guitar on "In Heaven 9.11" instrumental as well as adding his own interpretation of 9.11 in the last song on the album "Frozen Time".

Having lost both her parents as a teenager, 19 months apart, by the age of 18, and her only son passing away in 2006, through the art of music she claims victory over life events.